Arrow's Edge continually develops new games and products to meet current trends. Every year, our company releases new table and slot games that are designed to attract more players and help online casinos like yours better succeed. While the exact game-release schedule varies, you can expect a fresh product every month. Below you'll see what else to expect when Arrow's Edge releases new games.

Promotion of New Online Casino Games

When new products are launched, Arrow's Edge makes sure to promote these games so that online gamers know about them. We draft SEO-based content to both explain games and get the word out. Our company also does press releases from time to time to help further advertise new releases and benefit our clients.


While nice graphics and colorful animations will certainly boost your success as an online casino, our goal is to make your customers feel like they're stepping into a virtual casino suite. Our company accomplishes this mission by providing full-scales services that satisfy players' needs outside of the games. Read on to learn about the Arrow's Edge casino suite experience, which includes a VIP Club, Rewards Plan and the highest-quality games.

VIP Club

Your frequent customers deserve to be rewarded, which is why our VIP Club ensures that valuable players receive lots of perks. Our VIP Club includes six different levels, and all players are automatically enrolled as soon as they place a real-money bet. As people continue collecting lifetime rewards points, they move up the VIP ladder and on to bonuses and promotions while earning points at a faster rate.

VIP Program

Aside from helping your players attain better reload bonuses, points can also be used to earn some great comps through the Rewards Program. Players begin accumulating and using their points as soon as they make real money wagers. Once earned, they can simply visit the Rewards Program and redeem their points for cash bonuses, sweepstakes tickets and/or merchandise. Given that more points equal more comps, this encourages your customers to increase their loyalty status and earn rewards at a quicker rate.

Unique Gaming Experience

We realize that a truly great online-casino experience is crucial to satisfying players and retaining them as loyal customers. That's why our company offers a wide collection of casino games that are sure to appeal to many different interests. For example, we feature well over a dozen different card games, 15+ slot titles, many video poker variations and specialty games too. Arrow's Edge also offers various types of jackpots so that people can match their goals up with the specific prize(s) they play for.


One key focus of Arrow's Edge is to continue expanding our lineup of mobile casino games so that you have more to offer your players. After all, the mobile gaming market is growing at a rapid rate, and you need solutions to meet the accelerated number of smartphone and tablet gamers. So we've developed mobile versions for many of our most-popular desktop casino games. Below you can see an expanded view of what to expect from our increasing array of mobile products.

Classic and Cutting-Edge Mobile Games

The key to satisfying a large range of smartphone and tablet users is to offer a good mixture of classic and innovative mobile casino games. We do this by featuring table games like blackjack, roulette, tri card poker along with our innovative slot titles. The slot games are especially popular because they offer detailed graphics, creative bonus rounds, and storylines that will keep your players highly engaged.

Optimized for Different Operating Systems

Arrow's Edge has made our mobile products compatible with the world's most-popular operating systems. Android, Apple and Windows Phone owners can all enjoy your online-gaming experience through their mobile devices.

Mobile Jackpots

We feature several different styles of progressive jackpots that your players can compete for, including "Mega Slots," and "Cash Grab Video Poker." As for the Mega Slots progressive jackpot, this is usually hit around $40,000 - $75,000, although it can grow much larger. Both the Mini Slots and Video Poker jackpots hit quite frequently, with most prizes being won around $2,000 - $5,000. This gives your small-stakes players a more-realistic chance to win big when playing slot or video poker games.


Arrow’s Edge offers licensees the option to participate in either local or network wide tournaments. Every week, you can expect a wide variety of online casino tournaments from us, with varying games, prize pools, structures and entry fees. This ensures that there's something included for all of your customers in the Arrow's Edge tournament lineup. Keep reading to find out more about the games, quality and leaderboards offered through our tourneys.

Tournament Games

Arrow's Edge goes beyond offering simply by also providing blackjack, Tri Card poker and video poker events too. These are all very popular games for tournaments because they offer an extra element of skill. Arrow’s Edge Tournament functionality facilitates daily, weekly, and monthly events with the option for fixed, variable and guarantee prize pools.

High Quality Tournaments

It takes more than a big prize pool to keep your customers coming back to casino tournaments again and again. This is why we've adapted many of our top-performing games into tournament format. Our company's slot games especially prove to be popular in tourneys because they offer stunning visuals, exciting bonus rounds and entertaining animations. Of course, there are also events offered through classic slot games as well as time-honored table games like blackjack and video poker.


Your players will have no problem finding where they rank in a tournament. That's because Arrow's Edge software features lobbies that are easy to navigate through and find information on the buy-in, leaderboard and prize pool. For example, all players have to do is click on the "Leaderboard" tab in the lobby to see what the top scores are for a particular event. This ease of use is also nice with regard to players registering for and buying into tournaments.


As you already know, jackpots are one of the most-thrilling aspects to casino gaming. That's why we believe it's highly important to keep players of all bankrolls involved by offering different types of jackpots. Arrow’s Edge offers licensees the option to participate in either local or network wide jackpots. The network wide jackpots include "Mega," "Mini Slots" and "Cash Grab Video Poker" jackpots are all random progressive prizes. This allows everybody to play for big money because these random jackpots can be won through any spin, regardless of the spin's outcome or amount wagered. Keep reading to see more details on how these three styles of jackpots work.

Mega Slots Jackpot

Including a network of over a dozen games - mostly of the 5-reel, Mega games drive the progressive jackpot up rather quickly. The Mega Slots jackpot is typically our largest and will hit around $40,000 - $75,000; however, this prize has actually reached much higher proportions. The obvious draw is that your players can win a lot of money through the Mega jackpot. But the downside is that this prize takes longer to pay out than some of the others offered through Arrow's Edge.

Mini Slots Jackpot

The Mini Slots jackpot encompasses almost 25 networked games, ranging from 3 reels to 5 reels. The big bonus to playing Mini games is that the prize is usually won around the $2,000 - $5,000 range. This is perfect for players who want a realistic chance at winning big right away. But as you can see, the other side of the equation is that people won't be playing for as large of payouts. Nevertheless, Mini Slots remain some of the most-popular titles among Arrow's Edge products.

Cash Grab Video Poker Jackpot

The attraction to video poker has always been that it's a skill-based game where players have a good chance of winning. But the Cash Grab Video Poker titles bring a new element to the matter, one where your customers can win a random progressive jackpot on the side. Like the Mini Slots prize, this one also pays out around the $2,000 - $5,000 range. You'll find 10 games in all linked to the Cash Grab Video Poker network, including Bonus Poker, Deuces Wild, Double Bonus, Joker Poker and more.

Back Office

While fascinating games and stellar graphics are very important to a successful online casino, you also need good back-office support that takes care of all the matters that your customers won't see. Specifically, you need customizable software, fraud prevention, marketing, promotions, and advanced stats so you can track player tendencies. This way, you have all the data your company needs to improve while minimizing your operating costs in other areas. Here's a look at all our back-office components that will provide you with any help that you need.

Customizable Software

Design the ultimate online-casino experience for your players through Arrow's Edge software, which is completely customizable. This allows you to put your own personal touch on your casino, and make it stand out from the rest of the pack through a stunning interface. Beyond good-looking visuals, our software package provides easy navigation for your players and ensures that your day-to-day operations will run much smoother.

Identifying and preventing Fraud

The last thing that you or your customers want to worry about is fraud or cheating. That's why our back-office functions contain tools that help you quickly identify fraudulent activity and swiftly stop it before any serious issues arise.

Marketing and Promotions

It is of the utmost importance to us that you succeed, which is why we are more than willing to assist in any marketing or promotional efforts you run. Specifically, we have created an industry leading back end which enables you to tailor promotions by affiliate, player segment and individual player.

Players Statistics for Tracking

As any company that experiences long-term success can tell you, knowing your customer is key to doing well. That's why our software product allows you to acquire detailed stats on player activity trends so that you can use this data to boost your success rate.


It never hurts to have extra help in promoting and advertising your online casino. That's why Arrow's Edge features an extensive affiliate program that provides more than enough incentive for websites to promote your brand. In fact, the deal that affiliates get to promote casinos using our software is so big that they can't help but push your operation. The end result is that you and the affiliate enjoy a mutually beneficial relationship that sees more players being sent to you, while they share in plenty of profits. Below you can see the finer points of our affiliate program.

Our Online Casino Games make Life Easy for Affiliates

We continually develop new casino games that are of the highest quality and offer some the most-innovative concepts in the iGaming industry. Arrow's Edge also runs a full schedule of tournaments every week and features mobile products to hit a much-wider gaming audience. This is all key to the casino/affiliate relationship because it ensures that players stay entertained while the earnings continue rolling in. What's more is that we also offer plentiful VIP rewards to keep frequent players happy and engaged.


One of the biggest driving factors that keeps players coming back to online casinos is the rewards. That's why we've worked hard to create a large-scale rewards plan that motivates customers to remain loyal to your online casino. Our program breaks down into two parts:

  1. VIP Club
  2. Rewards Program
This multi-part rewards program ensures that players pick up big reload bonuses and free cash while remaining satisfied with your brand. Here's a closer look at what you can expect from both sections of our rewards.

VIP Club

As people make real-money bets through your online casino, they'll collect rewards points, which determine their status in the VIP Club. When players move up in status, they're privy to larger bonuses and promotions while earning points at a quicker rate. All players are automatically enrolled in the beginning status with the potential.

Rewards Program

Here is where players can cash in on all the points that they collect in real money casino games. The Arrow's Edge Rewards Program gives your customers an opportunity to redeem their points for some fantastic comps, including cash bonuses, sweepstakes entries and merchandise. The sweepstakes tickets are always popular because they give players an opportunity to earn lots of free slot spins.

Rewards Game of the Month

Don't forget to let your players know about the "Rewards Game of the Month." Each month, you can feature a new video slot that offers extra rewards for the entire month. And whenever people play this game, they earn double the amount of rewards points that they normally would. As you'll find out, the Rewards Game of the Month is a fantastic way to encourage players to try the latest video slots offered by Arrow's Edge.